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Relink empowers new blockchains, or those with less focus, to access established services on the major chains.

Chainlink offers its own services for selected blockchains. At the same time, the speed at which new chains are deployed is constantly increasing. Be it as L2s or even L3s or as another competitive L1s.

Relink Protocol has developed a proxy service solution that forwards the random data request to an officially from Chainlink supported chain and processes the result accordingly.

A Relink oracle network signs the data generated by Chainlink and passes the original data along with the signatures to the callback method. The signature checks in the consumer base contract mean that no data can be changed on the way from the relaying backend.

Process diagram

The following is an example of the process flow for a Relink data request for Chainlink data on Polygon. For more information and details on the individual steps, please have a look at the Architecture Overview.

Real world example

As an example, a randomness request (VRF) on the EVM chain "Horizen EON" is used here.

  • InitiateRandomnessRequest in this transaction on Horizen EON (September-06-2023 10:40:43 PM +2 UTC)

    • it's an Example Consumer contract

  • RequestRandomWords in this transaction on Polygon (Sep-06-2023 10:41:03 PM +2 UTC)

  • RandomnessReceived in this transaction on Polygon (Sep-06-2023 10:41:17 PM +2 UTC)

  • CallbackWithRandomness in this transaction on Horizen EON (September-06-2023 10:41:55 PM +2 UTC)

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