🎲Chainlink VRF v2

Verifiable, tamper-proof random number generator for blockchain gaming and NFT projects

Verifiable source of randomness

Chainlink VRF provides cryptographically secure randomness for your blockchain-based applications.

Provably random

Provably random, tamper-proof, and low cost randomness for smart contracts

Easily integration

Easily integrate verifiable randomness in your smart contract:

unit256 public randomResult;
function fulfillRandomness(uint256 requestId, unit256[] randomness) internal override {
      randomResult = (randomness[0] % 50) + 1;

Provably secure applications

Build provably secure blockchain-based applications with Chainlink VRF across multiple use cases:

Grow your reach

Grow your application’s reach with Chainlink VRF, a purpose-built RNG for smart contracts

Random number generation (RNG) for smart contracts

  • Produce fair and unbiasable randomness for your blockchain-based application’s outcome

  • All random number results are verifiable before becoming available to consuming smart contracts

  • Oracles are unable to manipulate the generated result, the only thing they can do is not respond

Provide your users with a more trustworthy experience

  • Build better experiences by leveraging random outcomes in your blockchain-based application

  • Provide users with cryptographic proof of your application’s integrity to facilitate a high level of trust

  • Broaden your user base by leveraging fair and unbiasable randomness for your application’s outcomes

Provably-fair and verifiable randomness

  • On-chain block data is used as inputs to the RNG, which is combined with the oracle’s private key to generate a random value and proof

  • Each random result is verified on-chain with cryptographic proofs

  • Malicious users, node operators, and smart contract admins cannot tamper with the resulting randomness

Randomness on a massive scale

  • Lower gas fees with Subscription Management App while delegating access to the Subscription’s balance to multiple consumer addresses

  • Take advantage of the most configurable VRF experience by setting custom callback gas limits, block confirmation time

  • Get even more randomness per request in an intuitive way

Official resources

Website: https://chain.link/vrf

Docs: https://docs.chain.link/vrf/v2/introduction

Direct Funding Method: https://docs.chain.link/vrf/v2/direct-funding

Supported Networks

Relink makes this demanded service available on these networks:

Horizen EON

pageHorizen EON

Stellar Soroban

pageStellar Soroban

(coming soon)

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